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Buy-to-let liverpool investment

Buy-to-let Liverpool Overview

Are you considering investing in buy-to-let Liverpool property? Liverpool is one of the most famous cities around the world thanks to it’s cultural heritage, even being nameed as the capital of culture in 2007. Fast forward to today and the city is one of the fastest growing in the UK when it comes to buy-to-let investment.

Thanks to significant investment into regenerating the city over the last decade and beyond, Liverpool is now home to a thriving economy spurred on by it’s young and growing population. With more and more people flocking to the city for the countless opportunities, there has been a massive increase in demand for rental properties – resulting in an extremely prosperous buy-to-let market.

How much deposit do you need for a buy-to-let in Liverpool?

Buy-to-let deposits in Liverpool can vary massively, depending on a number of features. If you are buying a property with a mortgage, each individual application would be subject to the circumstances of the investor and each investor would be subject to undergo valuations to be considered for a mortgage on the property, however if you are buying with cash there are usually set payment plans in place depending on the property. If this is the case, you will need to get in touch with the selling agent to request these details.

Where is the best place to buy property in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a vibrant and dynamic city with a wide variety of housing options to suit potential buyers. The areas within Liverpool offer a good variety of attractions and each area offers something different and diverse for residents. The city offers an attractive nightlife but also features countryside space surrounding city. According to a Liverpool Mortgage Broker, the top places to live in Liverpool are Anfield; with an average house price of £105,344, Wavertree; with an average house price of £180,482, Norris Green; with an average price of £128,286, Liverpool City Centre; with an average house price £201,341 and Bootle with an average house price of £121,367. These areas have encountered up to a 13% increase in property prices over the past year. Whilst also experiencing the increase in house prices, there are some areas of Liverpool that are still affordable to invest in.

How is the rental market in Liverpool?

Liverpool is constantly named as one of the best locations in the UK for buy-to-let yields. Typically, average yields in the UK are around 5.0%, however currently Liverpool stands at an average of 6.9% yield which makes Liverpool an attractive place to invest in property and get ahead of investment trends. Liverpool welcomes more than 70,000 students a year, the potential for reliable income in property investment is becoming apparent and there has been an increased demand in city centre accommodation driven by students and young professionals. The city has also been forecasted for a 20% increase in international students within the next five years. With the city undergoing structural development and offering new build, high quality accommodation within walking distance from the University and the Liverpool One shopping centre, this also brings increased scope to expand buy-to-let opportunities for individuals looking to settle in Liverpool.

A thriving economy

Liverpool has been completely transformed in recent times thanks to extensive regeneration over the years, and this looks set to continue for the forseeable future. The city is currently undergoing a £14 billion regeneration plan that will deliver thousands of jobs and apprenticeships throughout the city. This huge increase in opportunities will massively improve the already impressive economy in Liverpool. 

Rising property prices

According to Savills, property prices in the North West are set to increase more than any other region in the UK, and Liverpool is set to play a massive part in that growth. JLL forecast that property prices in Liverpool will increase by 5% throughout 2022, followed by a cumulative growth of 21% in the period from 2022-2026.

Booming rental market

Liverpool’s rental market is set to follow a similar trajectory to that of it’s house prices. According to JLL, rental values in the city are set to increase by 3% in 2022, followed by a cumulative 13.7% in the aforementioned 2022-2026 period.


Liverpool is a city blessed with numerous ways to both get to and from the city, as well as around it, once you’re there. The city is home to a number of train stations offering various direct routes to destinations like London, Manchester and Birmingham. Liverpool also benefits from 10 major motorways within a 10 minute radius, and local airports fly to over 200 destinations globally.

Current Liverpool investment opportunities

Buy-to-let Liverpool Stats



Throughout 2022, house prices are set to increase by 5% in Liverpool. (JLL, 2021)


Rental values in Liverpool are forecast to increase by an impressive 3% in 2022. (JLL, 2021)


Liverpool City Region is a £32bn economy – measured
by Gross Value Added. (Liverpool City Region Combined Authority)


In the last decade, Liverpool has added over £6bn to it’s economy against the backdrop of the recession. (Liverpool City Region Combined Authority)

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