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How to find the best properties to rent out

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As a company that often deals with clients that are property investors looking to find the best properties to rent out, we’re used to advising on the subject regularly.

Having almost 20 years of experience, we’ve got a lot of exposure to the market and have seen the ups, downs and changes within the UK rental property market.

One of the most common queries we get is how investors go about identifying and acquiring the best rental investment properties across the UK, and what sort of features or locations we’d recommend.

Of course, not every type of property investment is right for every single client, but there are generally some good rules we can follow to guide our investors towards the right strategy for them, so we’ve put together a short guide here to help you find a good strategy for you.

Are the best properties to rent out in city centres?

Location is an important factor when it comes to finding the best properties to rent out. It’s more than just a budgetary decision – established city centres such as Manchester and Leeds are more expensive than growing towns and cities like Stoke – it’s a question of yields and length of investment too.

Using Manchester as an example, the price of the asset is much likelier to rise quickly due to the popularity of the area and the lack of supply of new properties in the local market – especially if you invest in off-plan developments.

If you’re looking to invest now and potentially sell for a profit fairly quickly then realistically you’ve got a better chance of increasing the value of your property investment quicker in an established centre such as Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds.

That’s not to say that other areas such as Stoke, Bolton or other up-and-coming towns and cities won’t increase their value, they absolutely will, but the rate of increase won’t be quite as quick.

On the flip side, you’re likely going to get higher rental yields (a percentage of the value of the property per year in rental income) if you venture out into less established areas, but that is rising quickly in popularity.

Stoke-On-Trent is a good example of a city in an excellent location with a growing local economy, increasing jobs and more property supply coming to market. It’s an area that in another 5 to 10 years will likely be up there with those more established northern and midlands cities and towns.

Find somebody you trust

The rental property investment market is extremely popular for a good reason. In an uncertain economic landscape, UK property has seen an influx of new investors thanks to its secure income and inflation-matching value increases.

Many of these investors are entering the market for the first time, and with that in mind it’s important to find somebody that you trust and that knows what they’re doing.

With decades of experience in the property market, we are perfectly placed to help our investors find the best properties to rent out and build successful portfolios with great returns and secure investment strategies.

If property investment is something you’re interested in, or you’re looking to expand your portfolio, then why not get in touch with us today to discuss what you’re looking for?