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The DMSF Careers Event

This week, Knight Knox visited Levenshulme High School for Girls and Cedar Mount Academy Careers Fairs, with our partner charity DMSF, to have a talk to students about pursuing an exciting career in marketing. The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF) are dedicated to helping young students across Manchester that have a critical lack of access to opportunity, to build relationships, develop skills and improve their future prospects by engaging them in activities and skills building. These events give students a great opportunity to discover a career that is best suited to them and discover what it would be like working towards a career in marketing.

It was a huge privilege to be working alongside the DMSF and having the opportunity to assist students in planning their next steps and discussing key components within marketing, such as website building, content creation, copywriting and digital design. Knight Knox worked alongside several other businesses at the career’s events, who also support this wonderful charity and it gave us a fantastic opportunity to get involved and inspire young students in providing information about a career that we are passionate about.

There were many other activities happening at the careers fair, such as sprinting competitions, fashion shows, shoe tying competitions, and much more. There were plenty of activities to keep all who attended engaged and involved. Diane commented on the event: “Feedback from both the Levenshulme High and Cedar Mount Academy Building The Future Events has been outstanding.  Success that couldn’t have been achieved without the support of our exhibitors, schools, our main sponsor JD Sports Foundation and of course the students themselves.  The end game for DMSF is to empower young people and flood them with opportunities that enable them to fulfil their potential. The standout moments for me were when teachers consistently came across and talked about the ‘buzz’ around the school, saying  students were talking about their experiences when they returned to lessons and how brilliant it was for them to engage with such different employers that they wouldn’t get the opportunity to do so in other situation.  Result!”

The DMSF are driven to helping young people from disadvantaged areas across Manchester and helps enable young people to discover their potential in sport, education and employability and, by arranging events, it helps strengthen student learning and engagement, and provides an opportunity to develop the vital skills to shape their future. Diane has been an impressive asset within the Olympic Games as one of the most accomplished middle-distance runners in the UK. Diane is determined to provide opportunities for children, as growing up with little opportunity herself, she has built an inspiring foundation to ensure children have more option and guidance available.

If you would like to know more about this fantastic cause, click here.