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The Knight Knox and DMSF sports day charity event

Last week, Knight Knox took part in an incredible sports-filled event with our partner charity the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF). The charity is to empower young people to fulfil their potential. They aim to close the gap on the inequalities facing young people from areas of deprivation and deliver bespoke projects in schools and in the community to develop a sense of purpose and opportunities for success.

DMSF draws inspiration from Diane Modahl MBE herself, four time Olympian and Commonwealth Gold medallist, and her Olympic athletics coach husband Vicente Modahl, who grew up in a deprived area and it became their life’s mission to ensure that young people have access to better opportunities in sport, education and employability. DMSF and the events that they organise around Manchester, strengthen student learning and engagement, and provide an opportunity for children from all backgrounds to develop the vital skills that are needed to shape their futures.

The sports day event was organised by DMSF at Broughton Park F.C. (Rugby Union) and it really took Knight Knox on a trip down memory lane by including activities such as an egg and spoon race, three-legged race, sack race and many more. As an added bonus and unlike true Manchester weather, the sun was also shining for the majority of the games and the event got Knight Knox away from their desks and into the fresh air.

It wasn’t long before Knight Knox were cheering in support of their fellow teammates during the games and getting thoroughly involved in teamwork and winning strategies. DMSF really aimed to bring out the team spirit and the competitiveness of Knight Knox, and they achieved just that!

Knight Knox were pleased to donate £1,000 worth of equipment and sports kit to support the DMSF network, for them to be able to continue the work that they do for young people across Manchester.

We managed to catch Diane for a quote.

“Thank you to our brilliant partners, Knight Knox, for the opportunity to plan and deliver their Corporate Sports Day. Sports days can bring about so many different positive outcomes including teamwork and embed a positive culture. Competition runs through the veins of this group and the afternoon was a brilliant opportunity for everyone to connect, socialise, have fun together and celebrate the benefits of being active. All in all, it was a marvellous day, enjoyed by all. Your on-going commitment to our organisation is significant and will enable us to positively impact the lives of more young people. We couldn’t do what we do without partners like you.”

Andy Phillips, Knight Knox’s Managing Director had this to say about the event: “It is an honour to work alongside and support such a remarkable cause. What Diane and the team achieve every year is an inspiration to us all. DMSF are continually in the forefront of ensuring all young individuals get an equal chance of success in education, sports and employability. Knight Knox have been excited to take part in the event for months! The sports day was a huge success and it was brilliant to see every individual of the Knight Knox team put 100% effort into competing against their opposing teams. A huge thank you to the DMSF for organising the sports day, an excellent day was had by all.”

A huge thank you to Diane and the team, we are incredibly proud to be working alongside such an inspiring charity and dedicated group of people. To learn more about the charity, click here. 

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