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Why attend a property event?

Attending a trade show or event is a great way to find out about the next big investment in UK property. Register for FREE tickets here.

The benefits are numerous, and the time spent going to an industry event – no matter how big or small – is always time well spent. However, if you are still on the fence, here are our top reasons to attend a property investment show:

Face-to-face meetings

No matter how well you know your Property Consultant, you can’t beat meeting them face-to-face. Likewise, if you’ve not yet started investing a great place to begin is heading to a show and meeting in person.

You will get a better idea of who the people behind the marketing are and, therefore, if investing with this company is the right move for you. Talking one-to-one is also far more efficient than exchanging emails or occasional phone calls and, additionally, it removes the potential for things getting lost in translation.

Talking to people in person is the oldest form of communication and, in our opinion, it remains the best.

Get ahead of the curve

Attending trade shows is a great way to find out about the next big up-and-coming UK property investment market. It is easy to come to trust a particular market through experience, but this means that you may miss out on a profitable opportunity somewhere else in the future. For instance, many investors spent decades investing in London without looking outside the capital; once the London market hit a rough patch, profits decreased rapidly because their portfolios were not diverse enough to cope with a downturn.

Do a lot of companies seem to be convinced that a city you have never considered is the best place to put your money for high future rental returns and capital appreciation? A trade show is a great place to see these patterns that you might otherwise miss by talking to consultants individually over the phone – and we all know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve when investing in UK buy to let property.

New launches and exclusive deals

Finally, attending a trade show is a great place to pick up exclusive deals and be the first to invest in newly-launched developments. Many companies will take brand new products and offer lower introductory deals which won’t be repeated elsewhere – and when it comes to investing in property, the best strategy is often to invest early and snap up the best units which will provide the highest returns later.

Want to meet the Knight Knox team? We are pleased to be attending the Property Investor and Homebuyer Show at London’s ExCeL on 4th-5th October and SMART Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre on 23rd-24th November!

For more information and to book you one-to-one meeting with our expert property consultants, please click here.