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The top North West property investment areas

Where are the best areas for North West property investment?

As we begin to edge closer to the summer months and out of the slightly depressing weather of winter and the chills of spring, many are now looking forward to the rest of the year and the opportunities it may bring. 

Unfortunately, these are still unpredictable and possibly chilly times for the UK economy. With the current situation in Ukraine and Brexit pressures still causing some issues, that has created a somewhat uncertain economic environment for consumers and investors alike. 

In comparison, UK property has remained remarkably robust, and as a result has seen investment flooding in not just from across the UK but also from Europe and around the world. With prices rising as well as demand and yields, investing in the UK market has become…’hot property’. 

None more so than the north west of England, with investors plowing millions across the region, and especially into off-plan buy-to-let. Here are our top areas to invest in this part of the UK

Top North West Property Investment Areas


Probably one of the most popular choices for UK property investors, and for good reason. Manchester is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, and areas such as Ancoats, voted one of the world’s trendiest neighbourhoods, are testament to how far the city centre areas is expanding out across the district with new properties and investment opportunities. 

Going back even a few decades and the city centre area would probably be considered something approaching half of the current area you might now reasonably consider it to cover. We’ve mentioned Ancoats, but areas like Spinningfields and the Green Quarter are other good examples, and Manchester and Salford continue to merge into one larger metropolitan area serving two great and proud cities. 

With house price growth here in near double digits last year, it’s expected to remain a very popular option for buy-to-let investors over the coming years. 


The Liverpool docks area is perhaps the finest example of just how impressive the Liverpool regeneration story is. A historic hub of culture and working class roots, vast swathes of the city are bustling metropolitan areas bringing in young professionals, students and wealthier residents alike. 

Liverpool is now ranked amongst the most desirable cities to live in across the continent and house price growth as well as rental yields are extremely strong in this part of the north west. 

With some breath-taking views across the coast along the Mersey river, it’s little wonder that investors consider this a city that will make strong returns on their investment for decades to come. 


Very much considered a fast up-and-coming area across the north of England, Leeds is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after areas to live in the UK. 

With two world class universities there is a wealth of talent deciding to live and settle in the city, and that is also reaping rewards in terms of the local economy. 

Leeds is quickly becoming one of the tech capitals of the UK and has one of the largest finance sectors outside of London. 

Again, the property market around the city area is performing extremely well and attracting a high volume of buy-to-let investors. 

For sure, there are many new and existing property investors looking to bet big on property in the north west this year, and if you’re interested in joining them then you should get in touch with one of our experts today.