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Is the UK property market the best choice of investment in 2024?

Investing in the UK property market has always been a future proof way to turn salaries or state pensions into a constant flow of steady income for years to come. But how does it stand up to other markets and is it growing or declining in its viability?

UK’s property market still proves one of the most stable despite economic factors as experts foresee a 3% increase in property prices this calendar year (2024). These updated predictions a 7% contrast to preceding forecasts of a 4% decline according to Knight Frank. Buyers also find encouragement to invest due to UK rental increase of 11.1% with property hotspots such as Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester due to see stark growth as regeneration continues with growing tech and educational hubs creating job opportunities.


UK Properties For Investment
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More Reliable Than Stocks And Crypto

Investing in property can bring in multiple streams of income, one being rental yields and another being capital appreciation whereas stocks and crypto bring in income solely through price fluctuations which require you selling your asset to realise this income. With UK being one of the most thriving property markets worldwide, buying to let will allow investors like you to gain a steady income up until the capital appreciation of your asset is tempting enough to sell the property, this makes investing in property the most viable way to gain an increase within the investment sphere.

Property Investment acts a hedge for your money against inflation by transferring it into a tangible asset with intrinsic value whereas stocks and crypto in their own nature are highly volatile and require a large degree of speculation. In this sphere high returns always marry with high risks. Although these investments are very liquid with sometimes low entry prices, a lack of intrinsic value and unclear longevity makes them a regulatorily uncertain with the potential of bans and restrictions always looming.

Investing in property therefore is the safe bet here due to bricks and mortar presenting tangible value. Tax benefits in property optimise investment returns in ways  stocks and crypto cant and in general property allows for a greater and more diverse way to generate income. Experts within the investment sector will typically advice investors to build the foundations of a diversified portfolio with property before supplementing it here and there with higher risk investment opportunities such as stocks and crypto.

A Better Choice Than Bonds

Though reliability of investment is paramount and a reason why many invest their income and state pension in regular bonds, however investing in property bonds on off-plan developments always presents more lucrative and cost effective option despite a marginally higher risk investor. Bricks and mortar investments are physical meaning they cannot pop in and out of existence like shares and bonds in companies do and this concept helps mitigate any fear of a marginally higher risk between loaning to a developer for building and the actualisation of said development. Once you invest and own or invest by granting a loan, that investment becomes a tangible asset you can stake claim to up until completion.

Property bonds find security through a legal charge on land or property itself and in this way they present as less of a gentleman’s agreement in comparison to the traditional bonds which are more often than not unsecured obligations on debt. They offer higher returns to investors, typically 4-8% annually, which is 3.5-6.5% higher than on fixed-rate savings bonds.



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Invest With Proven Property Specialists

For UK property investment from Dubai contact us here. For UK property investment from Hong Kong contact us here and for UK property investment from within the United Kingdom…

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Advantages Of The UK Property Market

Only 2% Foreign Stamp Duty

In the United Kingdom, the SDLT is extremely low for foreign buyers compared to certain countries in the APAC Region, such as Singapore (60%). 

14% Rental Growth Forecast (2024-2028)

In addition to stable capital appreciation, UK property market has attractive rental yields and high rental growth forecast.

Strong Legal And Property Rights Protection

Upholding property rights and enforcing contracts efficiently, the UK legal system offers a solid foundation for overseas investors to pursue their goals and maximise returns confidently.

student accommodation, tenant

Student Properties

Cash investments starting at £75,000 delivering 7-10% NET return. These come with a minimum of 3 year fixed rental guarantees.
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assisted living, tenant and carer

Assisted Living Properties

Cash investments – private health care tenants, rental is central government funded, fixed 25 year period delivering up to 10% NET return. Starting prices from £156,000
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residential property investment, tenants

Residential Properties

Cash or mortgage investments with a typical NET return of 5-6%. Starting prices from £140,000
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luxury holiday lets investment, exterior

Luxury Holiday Lets

Cash purchases delivering up to 10% NET return with guaranteed buy-back. Starting prices from £85,000
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Knight Knox’s Pledge To Investors

Welcome to Knight Knox.

With a 20-year history in the property investment business, we have built a strong track record of success, we have launched over 140 developments with a total value of over £1.2bn and have sold over 11,000 properties to more than 5,500 individual buyers around the world.

Over 30% of our clientele comes from referrals by satisfied past customers. Our ultimate commitment is to deliver exceptional services to our valued clients globally.

Since 2004, Knight Knox has actively engaged with thousands of clients. Through events, exhibitions, and seminars, we established trustworthy connections, guiding our investors to the most profitable property investment opportunities.

At Knight Knox, we understand the unique needs and preferences of both UK and overseas investors, which is why from the moment you make your first enquiry, you will be assigned your own bilingual specialist property consultant who will help you find your ideal investment. Once you’ve found your perfect property, you will be passed over to our aftersales department which will assist you through the conveyancing process. We always strive to give our clients the best advice and ensure that they see the best possible returns on their investments.

Get in touch with us today and let’s start building your investment portfolio together.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Read through some of the fantastic reviews that our happy clients have to say about their experiences of investing with Knight Knox.

  • "They were next to me throughout the whole tedious documentation process, patiently reassuring at every step. Commendable service, particularly appreciated by an overseas buyer, such as myself."

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
  • "If possible, I would give Knight Knox a ten star rating, for their integrity, honesty, professionalism and kindness shown to myself, especially from Lewis Combe and the other members of the company who reached out with their advice and assistance. It is difficult to trust anyone nowadays, especially when you are located in South Africa..."

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
    Hilmar Bosch
  • "As my first property investment, I was nervous about the whole process. Knight Knox staff talked me through it and gave me both direction and advice. The purchase went smoothly and my rental income from my tenanted flat was up and running straight away. Very pleased so far"

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
    Paul Dike
  • "A month ago, I have concluded buying my second buy-to-let investment with the same property consultant Knight Knox. I must admit the professionalism and the support Knight Knox shown to me so far is remarkable..."

    5 stars
    Google Review
    Imran Al Akhzami
  • "Right from the start, the Knight Knox team have been extremely helpful in the purchase of our properties in the UK. We started with one, and the transaction was so easy and seamless that we ended up purchasing another. We would highly recommend the Knight Knox team...and in fact we have!"

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
    Keith and Kimberley Loder
  • "I would like to thank to Property Consultant James Morris, Client Liaison Manager Suzanne Todd and Customer Relations Consultant Naomi West. I am happy with Knight Knox services - fast responds, doing their best to help..."

    5 stars
    Google Review
    Jakub Kreczetowski
  • "I have had a very positive experience with Knight Knox over the past few years, dealing with Rebecca. They are very professional and responsive. It's always hard to trust people in this business - there are plenty of cowboys around - but I feel very comfortable with Knight Knox and it has been a pleasure working with them."

    5 stars
    Google Review
    Martin Robertson
  • "Professional and supportive team. The purchase was smooth and pleasant thanks to Rebecca, Naomi, and the Knight Knox team."

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
  • "Initially I was daunted by the whole process as I’d never bought from plan, but that all soon changed. There was always someone at the end of the phone line - a human, and a friendly helpful one at that. No question was too small. They made me feel valued. Every single one of the staff I dealt with were simply amazing, approachable and nothing was too much trouble."

    5 stars
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    M Dove
  • "Efficient communication throughout without a hint of hard sell."

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
    Anand Atmo
  • "I’ve dealt with Knight Knox for the past 5 years in which time I have purchased six properties all of which have given me an excellent return on investment. Knight Knox have always been very helpful and informative throughout the process of buying a property whilst keeping me updated with developments when buying off plan."

    5 stars
    Trustpilot Review
    Stephen Ackers
  • "All the team worked hard to help with my purchase, can't fault their enthusiasm and professional approach."

    5 stars
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