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What to Consider When Buying Property with Friends and Family

Before buying a property with friends, consider how the investment will impact you personally. Click to read more in our article.

Looking into an investment property is a great financial move for beginners or experienced investors. Ideally, an investment property will provide a stable monthly income without too much landlord responsibility involved.

As you build equity and benefit from tax advantages, rental expenses can also be deducted from income earned. This could include insurance, property taxes, mortgage interest, and even maintenance costs.

Sharing investments with friends and family

Property investment can be costly, and some might consider sharing the burden with loved ones or friends. While cost advantages are clear, there are many considerations to think about before committing to the bigger picture.

Advantages of investing with friends and family

Investing with a partner requires trust and loyalty, so working with someone you know on a personal level is inevitably easier when dealing with finances. It also helps that you can trust your partner not to go behind your back or negatively impact your goals.

Working closely with investors can run the risk of battling opposite opinions or disagreements. Family and friends will be aware of each other’s habits and know how to work together with minimal frustration.

Responsibilities can feel overwhelming, but having someone you know supporting you through the process can feel comforting – arguably resulting in better results and higher profits.

Disadvantages of investing with friends and family

While it seems safe to work so closely with friends and family, it can have the opposite effect. Not only are you risking a business opportunity, but you are also risking a valued relationship with loved ones.

What would you do if you had to choose between saving an investment or protecting a relationship? It seems non-negotiable that you would choose loved ones, but when your life savings are on the line it can create a lot of tension and impossible choices.

You could also lose an element of professionalism when crossing the boundaries of friend and business partner. With friends, there is a risk of working in a comfort zone, where you might not feel the need to impress or go above and beyond – limiting opportunity for progression. Likewise, how comfortable are you to confront your partner if they are working below expectations? It can be difficult to address when feelings are involved.

Mixing work with your personal life is never recommended, especially if this is someone you are living with or spend a lot of time with outside of work. The combination can create tension outside of work if something does not go to plan throughout the working day. A business partnership with emotional attachments can affect decision-making and how you handle any difficulties or curve balls.

Other factors to consider

Tied agreements

Investing in a property with a loved one is not as simple as renting with a friend and deciding you no longer want to live together. Having individual investments tied into the same property is more complex to get out of if you change your mind or part ways with your friend or family member.

Selling the property could take months, and refinancing the agreement under one name is equally a challenge. A written agreement with all possibilities outlined can help the exit feel much less stressful or bitter.

Making sure you are on the same page regarding your strategy is something to consider from the beginning. It’s not a nice feeling to know when you will quit before you are ahead, but knowing expectations is crucial. Your partner may only want to be a part of the investment for 12 months, in which case a property flipping investment could be the best option for you. Likewise, a buy-to-let opportunity will work best for those in it for the long run.

It is a difficult conversation to have, but knowing each other’s goals is the most efficient course of action when investing in a property with friends or family.

Final thoughts

Investing with friends or family has many financial and partnership benefits, but the overall risks and challenges can spoil even the strongest of relationships if planned poorly. It is crucial to research, consider all factors and align your goals and expectations before making such a huge decision.

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