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Liverpool Buy-to-let: Why you should consider investing

Liverpool buy-to-let: Why you should consider investing

As far as investing, the world economy has made it somewhat difficult to have a great deal of choice when it comes to protecting your wealth. 

Stock markets and commodities are suffering with the global economic situation and the war in Ukraine is having far reaching consequences too. The cost of living crisis and high inflation are also putting large amounts of pressure on household incomes and budgets.

In good news, however, buy-to-let in the UK is still an excellent investment and assets are appreciating in value in the long-term as well as providing great passive income in the short term. 

You’ll likely have noticed that the property market across the UK has been absolutely soaring over the past few years, with some areas seeing price rises of over 20% in just 24 months. Considering there was the small matter of a pandemic within that period, it has been an extremely impressive performance.

Whilst there are indications that price growth is slowing, which is understandable and expected, the disparity between supply and demand remains very far apart, and that means that rental demand will remain stable and incomes in buy-to-let strong. 

One of the leading cities when it comes to buy-to-let investment is Liverpool, so we thought it was time to take a look at Liverpool buy-to-let investment.

Liverpool Buy-to-let

New data reported on by Landlord Today shows that Liverpool outperforms London and Birmingham in terms of value for UK buy-to-let. 

As reported by Graham Norwood, “For example, £1.5m can typically purchase one apartment in Prime Central London, two in London’s Docklands or five or six apartments in Liverpool, with the benefit that the units in Liverpool offer better value in terms of £/psf, are larger in size than equivalent properties in London and have strong rental yield.

The performance of Liverpool’s residential property market boasts impressive capital growth of 14% for the past year, 40% over the past five years, and just over 50% for the past 10 years.”

That’s a very impressive return for a city that has benefitted hugely from regeneration and local investment over the past few decades. 

The famous Northern Powerhouse project may have never really truly taken off, however, the northern cities including Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Hull, Newcastle, Sunderland and Preston have been thriving through innovation and large scale property building projects. 

With strong price growth in assets, good yields and high rental demand Liverpool stands out as a thriving and exciting city to invest in, with a booming local economy, a growing jobs market and a number of world class universities, bringing a large student population. 

If you’re interested in investing in Liverpool buy-to-let why not download our FREE Liverpool guide today here!